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Project: Robots in the tourism industry

How could smart technology impact the travel industry? 1. A diversified booking method 2. An improved pre-arrival experience 3. More on-site guest interaction 4. Sustainable teams of hotel staff 5. Increased personalised data collection 6. Seamlessly integrated customer journeys

Project: Telecare services in hospitals

With the coronavirus pandemic, one innovation is at the forefront of transforming the healthcare landscape – telemedicine. Since February 2020, telemedicine grew from less than 1% of primary care visits to nearly 43.5% in April 2020. With telemedicine’s current trajectory and rapid adoption rate, it has the potential to disrupt and redefine the way health systems operate, deliver care and manage costs, setting the stage for a vastly different healthcare experience in the future. 1. Telemedicine will become a standard service offered across all care settings 2. Patients will choose providers, health systems, and hospitals based on telemedicine access 3. Medical facilities that embrace telemedicine will see business and revenue growth 4. Telemedicine will become an efficient option for preventative care 5. Access to specialists will become the norm, which will benefit hospital wait times.